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Version: 3.0.0 Changelog

Community Edition: 2.4.X

Enterprise Edition: 2.4.X


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Price $1,799.00

GoMage Magento PWA Theme is now available!

Turning your store into a Progressive Web Application means no need to develop native apps or work on website responsiveness. Now it fits all screens and devices, with a downloadable mobile icon for quick access & unified user experience.

Main PWA Theme Features

Plug-and-Play Solution
Our PWA theme is easy to customize and maintain. All the features that merchants need are provided out of the box.
Fully Adjustable
GoMage PWA Theme can be configured to meet all business needs - from styles to pages layout.
Redis Cache Extension
Implementation of Redis cache boosts PWA speed even further by caching GraphQL POST requests. No lost customers because of low performance.
Offline Mode
Customers can browse the cached pages of your store even with poor or no internet connection.
Create a single PWA instead of an iOS and an Android app. PWAs work on all operating systems and devices.
Add to Home Screen
Customers can easily add the app to the home screen of their mobile devices. No installation required!
Progressive Web Apps are lightweight. They don’t overuse the device’s resources and storage.

High-in-Demand Integrations

GoMage PWA Theme provides a robust search system by Algolia. You can also choose between the Venia default search and Algolia search.
Customers can share their feedback about your services and products thanks to TrustPilot integration. Utilize social proof to improve your store.
Blog integration with Disqus allows you to share important information with customers and use content marketing to your advantage. Combined with SEO friendliness, you get a powerful marketing tool.
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  • 1.0.0 October 14, 2020
    • First release.
Checkout Features

Prior to checkout estimates provide customers with online tax and shipping calculations. They know the final cost prior to checkout.

SEO Management

META information management on product and category helps to rank your online store higher in search results.

Analytics and Reporting

Google Analytics integration helps to track how customers interact with an online store and make data-driven decisions and implement improvements.

Marketing & Promotions

Take full use of the most powerful content marketing tool - newsletter. Create, manage and send newsletters right from the admin panel of your store.

Flexible coupons rule & pricing restrictions allow to provide customers with discounts, and free shipping, etc.

Product Labels like ‘New’ and ‘Sale’ highlight items on the product pages to attract customers’ attention to them.

On-page upsells & cross-sells will help you sell even more products and get higher revenue per customer.

Catalog Management

GoMage PWA Theme supports simple and configurable products which you can create and configure from the Admin panel.

Fields Sorting You can make the necessary fields mandatory or optional on checkout page. New principle of fields sorting divides all fields into visible and not visible and allows you to drag and drop the fields between these sections to make them visible or not visible on the checkout page. Note that mandatory fields are always visible on the checkout page!

Product Browsing

Add multiple images to products and show them from different angles and in different situations.

Show related products on the product page to increase the chances of placed purchases.

Product option selection allows customers to choose the right products by clicking on such attributes as size, color, etc.

Customers rate products and provide feedback thanks to full integration with Trustpilot.

Catalog Browsing

Product comparison allows to quickly compare products right from the catalog page.

Venia original and Algolia search options allow merchants to set up the needed version to help customers make better decisions.

Advanced filters allow finding the products easier by filtering them by size, color, and price range.

Show related products and utilize upsells and cross-sells right on the product page category to increase the number of sales.

Advanced top menu to help customers find all the information and products they need faster.

Customer Service

Contact Us form allows customers to reach out to you in case of any emergencies and questions.

Password-reset email will come in handy when users forget their passwords.

Order & Account update emails will keep your customers up to date on the status of their orders and shipments.

Customer Account

Social Authentication with Google and Facebook streamlines the process of sign up and sign in.

Order and status history helps customers to quickly reorder favorite products, and view the status of active orders.


Blog Posts are a powerful tool to share important information about products and services.

Theme Management

Redis Cache speeds up GoMage PWA Theme by caching GraphQL POST requests.

Installer allows store admins to import/export configurations of GoMage PWA themes and its built-in extensions.

Profiler can be used for troubleshooting and profiling purposes.

Image Resizer automatically resizes large product images so you don’t have to do it manually.