Magento 2 Migration

Leave the outdated Magento 1 in the past for the sake of your customers’ safe and flawless buying experience. Migrate your store to a more secure and stable Magento 2 version with Adobe certified team.
  • All the essential data transferred and kept
  • The previous M1 functionality adapted to M2
  • Multiple tests & bug fixes (if any)
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Should You Migrate to Magento 2?

Should You Migrate to Magento 2?

Magento team provides software support to M1 only until June 2020. After End of Life, stores running on the old version will be at high risk. There will be no new features, patches, quality and security fixes. It all jeopardizes the security of customer data. The problems go even further:

  • PCI compliance checks will become impossible to pass.
  • Data compromise will be a constant threat.
  • Slow speed and high time of page load will continue to decrease store conversion rate.
  • Magento development companies won’t release updates for their M1 modules.
  • You won’t be able to find companies specializing in Magento 1 development.

In contrast, Magento 2 expands the limits of its predecessor significantly, having a better code stack and development environment.

What are the Pros of Magento 2 Migration?

Let’s draw some comparisons between M1 and M2 and find out the gains of the latest version.
M2 is more secure for running a business

1. M2 is more secure for running a business

M1 hasn’t been updated for years. Patches are the only things that are still released but only for fixing really huge and troublesome security vulnerabilities. Soon the Magento team will stop working on patches for M1 and merchants will remain face-to-face with hackers. These black hats violate website security and steal customers’ personal data such as credit card numbers, passwords, emails, etc. The conclusion is very simple: it’s time to move further and upgrade to M2 to keep your business safe. Even Magento, Visa, PayPal, and the FBI recommend migrating as soon as possible.

Magento 2 online stores load much faster

2. Magento 2 online stores load much faster

While running a great advertising campaign, doing some SEO magic, or during rush hours, you notice slowdown or broken pages on M1. It turns your efforts into dust and optimization of the existing website is no longer a cure. Thanks to the FPC (full-page caching) technology on Magento 2, page loading is on average 20% faster. Up-to-date and scalable modular architecture decreases time of website load speed and server response to users’ actions such as checkout, adding products to a shopping cart, etc.

The abundance of functionality improves UX

3. The abundance of functionality improves UX

Magento 1 is limited but your business vision shouldn’t be. The platform can’t put into effect your brightest fresh ideas especially related to customer acquisition or performance boosting. Unlike M1, its successor offers a built-in 2-step streamlined checkout to make the purchasing process more convenient and faster. The Instant Purchase feature also allows you to previously save payment and shipping information of your customers. When they come back to your shop, you simply offer them to skip checkout and go to a confirmation page.

4. Development and maintenance with no damage

Spending tons of money on optimization, code-fixing, or redesign doesn’t bring fruits anymore on M1. When you face this, it’s time to put doubts aside and migrate to Magento 2. Its modular code base allows reducing development cycles, utilizing a wider toolset, and performing various integrations as easy as never before. The simplicity of the development process within Magento 2 helps to customize specific parts of a website with no damage to others.

Mobile friendly webstores as never before

5. Mobile friendly webstores. As never before!

Keeping up with trends, Magento released its Progressive Web Apps Studio which applies cutting-edge approaches and design patterns to develop appealing storefronts for Magento 2. Now online stores have a responsive design which creates great app-like and smooth user experience in browsers across all mobile devices. Applying PWA to your website, you avoid wasting extra time and money on the development of separate apps for Google Play or App Store. There are no such updates for Magneto 2, so it can’t offer optimal performance and seamless work on all devices.

Simply the best eCommerce solution on the market

6. Simply the best eCommerce solution on the market

If you are a tech-savvy and results-oriented person there is no reason to still use Magento 1. In fact, M2 admin panel allows managing its core features, list new products and find other tools even without developers’ help. The navigation within the panel is extremely simple and clear because major categories are divided into multiple subcategories. To sum up, M2 has more features, excellent B2B user experience, upgraded technology stack, and many other benefits.

How does the Magento 2 Migration Process Look Like?

At first glance, the migration plan might seem complicated.
But don’t be scared as we will help you to:

Collect and Adapt Extensions.

Modules that have been developed for Magento 1 won’t be available for Magento 2. During Magento 2 migration, GoMage’s certified professionals will collect your requirements, choose M2 alternatives, or simply develop new extensions.

Prepare Your Store for Migration.

During Magento 1 to 2 migration, we will replicate your M1 database as the best way to ensure data redundancy in case of unforeseen problems. Later our team will use this replicated M1 database as the raw data for your upgrade.

Use Data Migration Tool.

It makes Magento migration from 1 to 2 a lot easier by helping to transfer clients, orders, shipments, inventories, and M1 core configuration. Though, it can’t transfer admin rights, media files, custom information and other technical details. Thus, you have our team on hand to migrate all essential data without losing even a bit of it.

Change the Migrated Data.

Magento 2 data migration is an optional step as some want their catalog to look differently on M2, others need modified sales rules, and so on. These data changes are made manually, but our certified developers always take care about this in order to avoid any error occurrence.

Transfer M1 Theme and Images.

Our team migrates all necessary assets to Magento 2. But to be fair, migration of M1 theme takes the same amount of time as development of a new and fresh one. So, migration is the right time to change your website appearance according to the newest industry practices.

Select New Extensions.

We can easily implement custom changes in modules or in Magento functionality and logic according to your desires. In case there are no necessary modules for your new webstore, we are ready to create one from scratch.

Perform Testing and Fix Bugs.

The team browses through your store, checks each feature, conducts cross-browser and cross-device testing to be sure everything works perfectly well. Then testers hand over a list of errors to developers and bug fixing begins.

Transfer Incremental Data.

Even though we have transferred your data before, your existing store on M1 is still running. There is data about new customers and purchases that need to be transferred to M2 applying the Delta mode.

Launch of Your Upgraded Store.

At this stage, our team checks the structure of URLs not to cause damage to your store SEO. Then we switch payment methods into live mode and conduct the last testing on the live domain. Finally, you start running your ad campaigns and generating revenue.

Support after Store Launch.

Even when migration is over, we still care about your business. After the customer’s feedback, we make improvements and introduce new features that you are asking for. The team also monitors website performance, reviews code, improves UI and UX, and so on.
Why Choose Our Magento Migration Services?

Why Choose Our Magento Migration Services?

We started developing websites on M2 more than 5 years ago, back when it was in a beta version. Since then, our team has already migrated dozens of online stores from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

We know all migration steps and procedures, all obstacles and possible errors on the way. Therefore, we have developed ready-made solutions and created custom scripts to help overcome these pitfalls on the spot.

There are some more facts that make our team a perfect fit for your eCommerce business. Our key advantages are 11+ years of experience with Magento and 1000+ successfully developed projects. We specialize in this platform only and know it like the back of our hands. As a result, the majority of our clients stay with us for 2+ years. That impresses and motivates us to strive for exceptional results for the companies we are working with.

Case studies

IceMachines +

IceMachines +

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Key Results: x2 increase in overall website performance after M2 migration
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Fashion Eyewear

Fashion Eyewear

One of the UK's most trusted online opticians with over 1,300 5-star customer reviews.

Key Results: 30% increase in overall performance; 70% reduce of hosting expenses; X2 increase in product page upload speed
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Restaurant Supply

Restaurant Supply

Development of the ability to configure products according to every vendor’s requirements, integration with ERP system.

Key Results: 50% increase in online sales; X3 increase in overall website performance
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