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Magento Ads Extension | GoMage Ads & Promo

Fully Mobile Optimized
Price $79.00
+free developer key

Version: 1.3 Changelog

Community Edition: 1.4 — 1.9

Enterprise Edition: 1.9 — 1.14

14 days money back
Free updates for a 1-year
Price $79.00

Advertise and Promote Your Products Easily with GoMage Ads & Promo

Promotional campaigns are widely used by online stores as a marketing tool for gaining popularity. The more popular the store gets – the more customers it attracts and the more profit receives. Promotional campaigns not only include spreading information about the store but various techniques of catching users’ attention, too. Special offers, sale prices for selected products, discount programs – this is what customers like very much and what they are always looking for in online stores, especially during holiday times. GoMage Ads & Promo is a special Magento extension that serves to advertise your products and promote your special offers on the site. The extension allows selecting the items to be promoted and creating promo images and pop-up windows with the necessary information for those products. The extension is fully customizable and can be integrated with other extensions to expand the features and abilities of your Magento online store.
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Promo Images and/or Windows
The type of promotional element can be selected in the extension settings. It can be "promo window", "image or promo image" and "window". If "promo image and window" option is chosen, customers will be able to click on the promo image and see the promo window with additional information about the special offer.
Promotional Period
Start and End Dates
You can set the “Active from” and “Active to” dates for each promotion in the extension settings. This information will tell your customers how much time they have until the special offer ends.
Count Clicks
This option allows you to see how many clicks were made on each promo image and window. This information will be useful for adjusting the conditions of this campaign or planning the next one – you will know what your customers are more interested in.
Enable Promotions on Product Page(s) Only
You can enable promotions for all pages or select the categories and pages on which the promotions will be displayed. It is important to understand on which pages this information will be relevant and on which it will be redundant. For example, checkout page is not always a good place for promotion, as at this stage the customers have already made their choice and are ready to buy the selected product.
Shows per Customer
This option serves to specify how many times a user will see the promo window on the page. Note that too frequent promo windows are usually annoying as they distract customers from the products search and selection process. So, try to choose the golden mean and don’t scare customers away with too many ads.
Apply Magento Block
Use this feature if you wish to include one of regular Magento blocks into your promo window. This can be “Contact us”, “My cart”, “Compare products”, “Newsletter” or other blocks. The necessary block codes to be inserted in the promo window settings can be found in Magento or in the Ads & Promo documentation in GoMage Wiki system. doesn't provide the promo images, corner ribbons and social network bookmarks!

Installation & Integration

Add and Display Social Network Bookmarks
Social Media have become an important part of our lives and they now play a significant role in people’s communication. This feature allows you to connect your promo window to social network pages and implement various scripts to extend the promo window functionality. For example, you can add Facebook “Like” Button and let your customers see the number of likes.
Display Videos on Product Pages
The promo window content is written in HTML, so you can add any data you wish, including the video files’ code from YouTube and other similar services. If you have promotional, descriptive or instructing videos for your products uploaded to some video hosting, you may embed their code in the promo window and show the necessary videos to your customers.
Easy Installation
The extension installation does not require any programming skills. All you need to do is upload the files on the server, activate the extension with your license key and you are ready to use it. Remember to follow the instructions in GoMage Wiki system in order to configure your promotions properly and get the best results.
2 reviews
An excellent extension
by pmm - 7/27/12
An excellent extension with some unique features to set your website apart from the rest. GoMage have worked with me to resolve installation problems I had with my customised website and helped with further customisation.
Absolutely superb customer support that could not be bettered!
Very useful
by jugosali2 - 3/16/11
Easy installation.

Works great. In two minutes I have the first promo working...

Very usefull
  • 1.3 November 2, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to Magento SUPEE-6788 security patch.
  • 1.2 July 16, 2015
    • Added a major fix related to the Magento SUPEE-6285 security patch.
  • 1.1 Nov 11, 2011
    • Added Shows per Customer option
    • Added Set Promo Image and Window Indent in pixels
    • Added clicks counting
    • Added Close Button Position option
    • Products separated from Pages and Categories
    • Supported iframes (fixed Magento bug)

Sales promotion is a usual Marketing activity for online Business. Ads & Promo by GoMage is an advertising extension for Magento which can be used in online marketing campaigns. It makes a strong accent on special prices and offers, discount programs or selected products by using special promo popup window or image. It is not a secret that such promo images can be intrusive and annoying. So pay attention that this Magento Ads Extension can work really effective only with clever marketing approach which puts this instrument at right time and in right place.


Allows you to advertise and promote your products, discounts, news and special events

Allows you to manage the promotional period start and end dates

Allows you to promote only on the product page(s) (new)

Allows you to count the clicks. Now you will know what is interesting for your customers. (new)

Allows you to add and display social network bookmarks

Easy to add and display corner and sides images

Easy to add and display promo windows

Allows you to use effects

Allows you to specify how many times your customer will see the same promo window (new)

Set Indent for Promo Images and Windows in pixels or percents (new)

Involves customers in campaigns

Display videos from YouTube and other services on product pages

Allows you to include multiple ad units per page

Select which position (left/right, top/bottom) of the page to display ad item

Display Magento blocks as contact form, newsletter subscription, cart and many others in the promo window

Extension is easy to customize with separated layout form and CSS

Easy installation of the extension allows you to just upload files without changing codes or templates.

Also Includes

14 days money back on a case-by-case basis

Free Magento Ads extension updates for a 1-year (Detailed information can be found on FAQ Page)

Free 6 months support (Detailed information can be found on Support Page) doesn't provide the promo images, corner ribbons and social network bookmarks!

Not Supported

Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Magento 1.3 versions and lower

* 14 days money back on a case-by-case basis