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IceMachinesPlus is a popular name on the US market. The company specializes in kitchen equipment and foodservice supplies of a commercial scale. The company has years of experience and is known for providing restaurants and other dining establishments with a wide choice of high-quality equipment.

The history of cooperation between IceMachinesPlus and GoMage started in 2012. At the time, the company needed to create an online store to support all online business operations. The project started from the development of a Magento 1 store that was successfully migrated to Magento 2 a few years later.

IceMachinesPlus is a great example of Magento development that turned into over 8 years of fruitful cooperation.

Key Results

increase in overall website performance after M2 migration


Case: Creation of Website Design from Scratch


At the first stage of website creation, GoMage specialists created UX and UI design for IceMachinesPlus. During this stage, our created design for main and additional pages, including:

  • main landing page
  • product category pages
  • product pages
  • cart page
  • checkout page


Designers created the appearance of the new website in accordance with the technical specifications and requirements of our client. Our team suggested a few variations of layouts for all pages and, together with the client, chose the best solutions. As a result, the website provides a seamless user experience and reflects the uniqueness of the business behind the website.

Later, when the time came to migrate the IceMachinesPlus store to Magento 2, we transferred the design of the website to the new platform with minor changes in layout and elements that were required by new rules of Magento 2.


Our designers used the best UX and UI practices to create a customized and user-friendly interface that meets all business requirements. Customers can navigate through the website on any device and screen size.


Case 1: Magento Integration with NetSuite ERP

During the development stage, we integrated the NetSuite ERP system with Magento. IceMachinesPlus uses the system to manage products and stock.

Magento and NetSuite ERP don’t have direct integration. To make the two work together, we developed a script enabling such integration. Also, two platforms use different names for units in stock, namely SKU in Magento and Internal ID in NetSuite. The created script also automatically changed SKU identified for Internal ID identified when sending data to NetSuite.

The developed script allows for an automatic and manual update of products and their statuses.

Case 2: Creation of flexible price-output system


IceMachinesPlus is a big website working with dozens of US suppliers of kitchen equipment. Our client needed a flexible price-output system that took into different factors and requirements for the pricing policy stated by every supplier.


To provide the client with needed functionality, our team developed a highly customized price-output module. The solution displays price depending on multiple factors, including the type of user, price-output method, product brand, etc.

Custom functionality was integrated in a way that allowed it to work with the native functionality provided by Magento. Our developers ensured that no conflicts would appear by analyzing all specific behaviors of the standard price display functionality by Magento.

The applied settings changed how the product page was displayed on the front-end. That’s why we created custom scripts that allowed us to change the output of data on the front-end in accordance with the changes made.


Our team delivered the functionality that allows our client to configure all products according to the requirements stated by every vendor. Every change is displayed on the front-end. Therefore, there is no need to hire a developer to change the layout of product pages after every change.

Case 3: Automated creation of category pages


As our client works with a huge number of products and uploads new ones often, there is a need to regularly create product categories. That’s why a decision was made to automate the process and save hundreds in hours of manual work.


The client can control the product layout and other configurations from the admin panel. Admins only need to select a template and create a category.


The client can create product categories in a few clicks and saves a lot of hours on manual work.

Case 4: Creation of the checkout process


Our client needed a robust checkout mechanism that would allow customers to place orders quickly. The needed list of functionalities included different tasks, like shipping and tax estimation, integration of gift cards and coupons, and much more.


Based on business needs, our team provided the following services during the creation of the checkout mechanism:

  • integration of the Bolt checkout
  • integration with Braintree payment system that allows accepting credit cards for payment
  • development of a script for automatic creation of user account after they place an order
  • setting up Gift Cards and Coupons


Our client has a robust checkout mechanism that allows customers to place orders quickly.

M2 Migration

Some time after the successful website launch, our client decided to move its online store to Magento 2, which was offering far more advanced options. GoMage took on the job and successfully migrated IceMachinesPlus to Magento 2 with small changes in design and functionality. The website is still running on this platform, supporting the eCommerce business of our client and offering great customer experience.

Our QA specialists thoroughly test every developed feature and script. We guarantee high quality of code and seamless website performance under any load.

Ongoing Development and Support


IceMachinesPlus has been our client for many years. We continue to provide ongoing development and support, making small fixes and adding new functionality. Our team ensures that the website works correctly and at the highest performance. IceMachinesPlus has been our client for many years.

The scope of for Magento support includes the following tasks:

  • timely updates of the Magento platform to the latest versions
  • installation of modules and extensions
  • ongoing performance monitoring
  • customization and improvement of existing functionality


The GoMage team provides the client with ongoing support and development. We support our client’s business and ensure its seamless operations and interaction with clients.


We continue our cooperation with IceMachinesPlus and deliver new functionality on time and according to business needs. Our client has stayed with us for over 8 years now, and we consider this to be the best indicator of the work done right.

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