Airthings empowers the world to breathe better. The global tech company develops accessible solutions and technology to detect indoor air contaminants.


When we discuss ideas with GoMage, they can question what we’re proposing and suggest alternative solutions to problems. With other agencies I’ve worked with, they executed, only for us to find out that it wasn’t something we actually wanted or asked for.

Julien Piek Enterprise Architect
  • Full-fledged international online store

  • Conversion rate increase

  • One-step checkout

  • Customized multi-store support

  • Ongoing development & support

Initial request
  • Magento 2 migration

  • Magento 2 customization

  • New functionality development

  • Design updates

Technology Stack

magento logo
digitalOcean logo

Custom integrations

  • GoMage LightCheckout

  • GoMage FeedPro

  • Apple Pay

  • Klarna

  • Stripe

Key results

  • 200% increase in conversions

  • 120% increase in revenue

  • 2,500% decrease in bounce rate

  • 50% increase in average session duration

Work Scope

The time we spent working on the project so far:

Total: 4400 hours and counting

Total 4400 h
Back-end 3500 h
Front-end 200 h
QA 200 h
DevOps 20 h
UI/UX 25 h

Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2 migration was a way for Airthings to have:

  • Great user experience
  • Latest innovations out of the box
  • Timely security and functional updates
  • Boosted performance compared to Magento 2


  • Migration to Digital Ocean servers

  • Databases migration to Magento 2

  • Optimization and customization of 3rd party extensions

  • Development of custom functionality

Since March 2020, our new Magento platform has been live. We managed to set up the new Magento 2 store in a matter of weeks. We are happy with the customized modules GoMage delivered. The system is taking orders in over ten countries with different accounting systems and payment methods connected to the site.

GoMage LightCheckout Customization

One-step checkout is a must-have for any business. We customized GoMage LightCheckout to meet all business needs of Airthings.

  • ApplePay supportApplePay
  • GooglePay supportGooglePay
  • Klarna payment supportKlarna
  • Customer account creation on the checkout page

Multi-Store Support Customization

As a company operating across the world, Airthings needed stores for different countries. Thus, there was a need for multiple stores tailored to specific business needs.

  • A single Magento 2 installation

  • 34 store views for B2B and B2C

  • Custom price rules configuration on the store view

  • Special price rules for specific product categories

GoMage doesn’t just execute on our requirements, but actually reflects on and questions them to find the best solution.

Order Process Customization

Not all orders come through the Airthings website. Some come through managers who needed the ability to add such orders to the Magento admin panel

  • Customization of default Magento order creation functionality
  • Ability to create orders from the Magento admin panel and see the name of the manager who created an order

Subscription Module Development

Airthings builds both hardware and software, which requires regular updates. The company needed custom functionality for subscription-based updates.

  • Installation and customization of the ParadoxLabs module

  • Subscription functionality management via Magento API

  • Automatic subscription renewal

  • The ability for customers to change the payment methods, contact details and other information for subscription renewal

  • Subscription canceling at customer’s request

  • Feature tracking time until subscription renewal

GoMage's technical understanding has been very fruitful. They have senior developers on their team. Most of them worked for Magento previously. Their communication approach also works pretty well.

Bundle Products Customization

Different displaying of bundled products on the front-end and back-end of the website for better warehouse management.

  • Bundled products are broken down into the individual SKUs
  • Orders are sent to accounting and logistics systems as individual SKUs
  • Stock is decreased for each SKU accordingly

Ongoing Development & Magento 2 Support

Ongoing development includes the following tasks and services:

  • Timely functional and security Magento 2 updates
  • Performance optimization
  • SEO improvements
  • Functionality development and Magento 2 customization
  • Design updates and development of new website pages
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