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Why we need the Translation tool

Why we need the Translation tool

Sometimes there is a necessity to edit the text in some of Magento themes. In order to avoid manual searching for the necessary .csv file you can do this directly in the admin panel.

Go to System - Cache Management and disable cache for Translations.

The next step is going to System > Configuration > Developer. In this section it is necessary to activate Translate Inline. Refer to the screenshot below:

Why we need the Translation tool

After the changes are saved you will see the blocks available to be edited. They will be highlighted in red. The text in those blocks can be edited directly on the site or through the admin panel.

It is important that these changes will be saved in the database and will not affect the original .csv files.

You can find more of the interesting and useful articles in our blog. If you have any questions, please leave your comments or address them directly to Magento development team.