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Which Payment Gateways are compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition

Which Payment Gateways are compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition

Payment Gateways help to arrange the process of payment in web stores using customers’ credit cards, but sometimes it is quite difficult to select a proper payment system. Let us discuss which Payment Gateways are compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition and perform a small review of them.

General information about Payment Gateways

A Payment Gateway is an ‘intermediate link’ between your customer’s credit card and your web store bank account. Its principle of work is quite simple: a customer chooses the desired product, presses ‘Order’ or ‘Checkout’, then the payment system redirects them to the page on which they need to enter the credit card data. The system processes the data and confirms or declines the payment.

In our age of progress skilled programmers almost every day create new software that allows stealing credit cards information so many web store owners prefer using special payment modules. These Magento extensions allow us easily implement a possibility to accept credit card payments into our web stores.

Many systems offer already developed modules, which makes the work even easier. But it is not always possible to install the extension on your own due to lack of knowledge, time or experience, all the more not all payment gateways are used worldwide.

Global gateways


All webmasters already know that Magento is deeply integrated with PayPal. At the moment, it is the most popular payment system which is used by each second site in Europe and the USA. All that a web store owner needs to do is register their account in PayPal and then upload the necessary extension offered by PayPal to their site. If necessary, you can consult with Magento experts and ask for their assistance.


Authorize.Net is the second popular gateway that processes payments all over the world regardless of the customer’s country and currency. It has a lot of useful and necessary features: payments are perfectly protected from fraud, high processing speed, currency converter, and many others. But multichannel transactions are considered to be the best of its features: now the web store owners can configure different payment ways – online with the card, ordering by post/email/phone, even through a mobile device. Now there are about 300,000 sites using this payment system.


CyberSource is a famous subsidiary company of Visa Inc. The third well-known world gateway perfectly handles the management of payments and customers’ orders, protects you and your customers from fraudsters’ actions.

First Data

First Data is a payment gateway for Magento which offers not only security and speed but also support. This site provides 24/7 customer support and accepts very large sums for payments. We recommend using First Data for wholesale web stores and other large portals.


WorldPay works in 40 countries and it is a world leader of payments processing in the USA. This company was the first one to launch the system accepting payments from customers through their credit cards.



PSiGate is often used in the North America, it is a Canadian company. This system provides secure interface for a web store, all transactions are processed in real time.


Money Payment Services

Money Payment Services payment gateway is a leading independent provider of functional, secure and innovational payment services for various web stores in Europe. According to the data for the last year this system daily processes payments for tens of thousands dollars.


Ogone Payment Services is another payment services that works with credit cards. It is less known than the ones listed above, but it is not less efficient. Besides, it offers perfect speed of payments processing and easy to use extension interface.

PAYONE is a payment gateway that mostly processes credit card payments in Germany. All transactions are absolutely secure and authorized, it is also possible to configure the currency converter and accept payments in both dollar and euro.

Sage Pay

Sage Pay is the largest independent online payment services provider in Great Britain. It is considered to be one of the most successful startups of the decade. The system is also very popular outside the United Kingdom.

We hope that our review has helped you to determine which payment gateways are compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition. If you have any suggestions please write them in the comments to the article. Also please share the interesting information with your friends and partners and feel free to ask GoMage specialists any questions regarding Magento.