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Significant eCommerce Trends for 2017


On the eve of the new year 2017, it is time to discuss some important trends on eCommerce market. We are closely communicating with our clients – Magento online store owners, and we have some observations regarding certain trends for the next year. We would be glad to share some of our thoughts and conclusions with you.

The first thing we’d like to note is that the competition is constantly increasing. Selling becomes harder, and now it is not enough to have attractive prices and well-designed online store. To gain the trust of your clients you need to put more effort and creativity. Expectations and behavior of buyers are changing and, in our opinion, this will seriously influence certain trends in e-commerce.

Purchases from mobile devices

This segment continues to grow. There is some statistical data below that show some reasons why people choose computers for online shopping and not mobile devices.



Nevertheless, the number of online shoppers who use mobile devices is constantly increasing.


The mobile device is always on hand, and making purchases on the go has become a common practice. Therefore, usability requirements for the mobile version of the online store are getting stricter. So, it is not enough just to have a mobile version, it is important to make it perfectly convenient and optimized for the clients’ needs. Read more tips concerning responsiveness in eCommerce here.

Buyers don’t want to wait. Same-day delivery

The online store that offers fast delivery certainly has a significant competitive advantage. Even if the buyer can wait a few days until the product is delivered, the availability of such service inspires confidence in the online store. Extra fast delivery is required, too, and this trend is also developing. For example, Amazon is going to provide Prime Air service which promises to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less using small unmanned aerial drones. Amazon Prime Air is the system of the future that improves the delivery services and expands the opportunities of e-commerce market.

Watch the video of how it works.

But you should not forget that there are customers who do not want to pay more and who are willing to wait for delivery. Economical options must also be available in the online store to give users a possibility to save money.


Flexible pricing policy

The pricing system is becoming more complex and it is also a reaction to the modern trends. In eCommerce, the situation can change every day, every hour and every minute. Professional merchants must be able to track the changes and to correct their activities in time. Fixed prices no longer work in many businesses and dynamic prices are used widely. That means they change depending on the situation. For example, the price can be increased if there is information that a competitor does not have enough items in stock.

Personal approach to the client and loyalty program

In a highly competitive environment, the CRM system and loyalty program must work more efficiently compared to the main competitors. Most of the clients require a personal approach like individual prices, conditions or offers, but they don’t want to be bothered too much. This is a fine line that is hard to define. The CRM system can help to build a relationship with every customer and provide the best solution for each of them.

The ability to communicate with real people

The buyer wants to be able to ask questions, and communicate with real managers. FAQ section can be provided, but in most cases users prefer not to read it. Why? Because they think that their questions are unique or they have no time to search for the answers. It is very important to place real telephone numbers to make the buyer understand that they can call and discuss their issues at any moment. Online chat is a very important feature which essentially works as a consultant in usual stores. Create all possible conditions for the user to be able to contact you at any time. Availability of such options makes the store more reassuring.

In conclusion, we should underline that it is very important to have flexible planning. As they said: “Write your goals in stone, but your plans in sand”. The world is changing so rapidly that any plans can lose their relevance instantly.

We wish you a successful completion of 2016 and hope that you have a lot of ideas for the next year.

Have a nice selling!