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Polls in Magento

Polls in Magent

The most important thing for the store owners, who want to promote their business, is their customers’ opinion. The easiest and free of charge method how to get to know whether a customer is satisfied with the assortment, store work, design is to prepare polls in Magento. We consider to suggest how to launch this functional on the Magento site.

Also please have a look at Magento modules which make processes on your Magento store easier.

What use do the polls have?

Of course, the main advantage is that you will become closer to a customer and probably, help him to solve any burning question, for example to change the design or add a new topic. A distinctive feature of this marketing strategy is that the polls do not take much area on the site, but they are answered by almost all the site visitors, because they want to express their opinion.

Some administrators configure special scripts, but their work is not guaranteed and often the codes do not take into account the Magento updating. So, it is easier to use a standard Magento functional that is already integrated.

How to create a poll

At the beginning you need to log into the admin panel and go to System - > Configuration. After this you need to find the tab with the additional content and enable the extension which is responsible for the Magento polls. In the most cases it is enabled by default, but if it is disabled, you will not be able to create the polls. After your work is finished, you should disable this extension if it is necessary. After enabling/disabling you should save the changes and return back to the main page of the admin panel. And you should go to the tab CMS -> Manager Polls in order to create a new poll.

Poll Information

The further actions are based on the intuitively understandable interface, to be more specific, you need to choose “Add new poll” button. The main question of the polls will be displayed at the very top of the polls block. It optimally fits in any site design, contributes to the fact that the customers ‘attention is not dissipated to extraneous tabs.

The status of any poll will be configured as open at once and if it is necessary you can always change this function.

If you choose the concrete showcases in the column of the multiple choice, then the poll will be displayed in all of them. It extends the audience and contributes to the more correct counting of the visitors and the behavior of the static data.

Poll Answers

After this you need to choose the item “Add New Answer” which relatively indicates the certain variants of the answer to the provided question.

You need to enter, for example “Polls” in the Answer Title field.

You have an ability to make a trick in the next line and configure the correction or distortion of the poll results. In order to do this you need to change the Votes Count column.

Now you need to enter new answers in Add New Answer field one by one.

When everything is finished, you should save the changes. Remember, in order to make a poll fair a customer should answer it only one time. After this you will be able to adjust the necessary statistics.

If you have any additional questions as to the configuration of the polls in Magento, you can contact our GoMage specialists on our forum or on our GoMage site.

We will be thankful if you could answer the poll question on one of our social network accounts.