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Online Store and Context Advertising

Online Store and Context Advertising

Year after year, a web store promotion is becoming more complicated due to a huge competition and difficulties of work with the search engines. Let us review such method of a web store promotion as context advertisement: its basics, advantages and disadvantages.

Basic tasks of a context advertisement

Of course, the tasks of a context advertisement will vary depending on the store peculiarities. But basic tasks are always the same. They include increasing the volume of visits and the level of efficiency, increasing sales and customer base.

The first-priority task is making the store traffic not only higher but also more qualitative one;

The second task is to enlarge the target audience which will increase sales and the amount of subscribers.

The easiest way to realize that is to increase the price for one click. Naturally, the customer will fight for such an advertiser but you should not pay too much. The specialists also say that it is necessary to increase CTR value. Broadening of the audience is possible at any moment of the store development.

Successful promotion requires the following:

1. Select semantic base (a core);

2. Add more keywords on your site (do not go too far with that or you may get into search engines filters).

Eventually, your store will get much more queries and visits.

The second method will be suitable for lazy administrators. They will have to pay more but the main amount of work will be done by someone else. Particularly, this concerns increasing ‘pay per click’ price. The higher is the price the better place your advertisement gets and the more people click on it.

What is to be done

Now you need to configure your site SEO. First of all, create more landing pages. For instance, now the queries like “Asus laptop” or “Dual-core laptop” lead customers to the same page. This should not happen, check all data and create different pages for different ads, this will help to broaden the audience.

Let’s begin with adding more landing pages. If similar queries like, e.g. ‘buy Samsung fridge’ and ‘buy double-chamber fridge’, lead customers to the same page, you should now make different pages for them.

Then you need to select appropriate keywords. We recommend you to hire a specialist for that, because creation of a semantic core is quite complicated. You need to be very careful, or you may get into filters for over-optimization.

Now you need to improve your site quality, first of all, check all content for errors, then check all headers, they must include keywords as this increases the rating of pages.

The last way to promote your store through context ads is to regularly change positions. Why? Because clickability is irregular parameter, today the best place is in the first line, tomorrow in the third one, and so on. Create statistics, you will not lose anything but will save some money and improve your ratings.

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