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Magento Twitter extension

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for the business management if you and your customers are mobile and sociable. We suggest to consider how to create a button and install Magento Twitter extension on the site.

To get a reference

In order to make the button work, it should be based on the certain code. You can get this code on the Twitter site. You need to do the following simple steps for it:

  1. 1. Go to Twitter;
  2. 2. You should go to the Goodies link which is at the bottom of the page;
  3. 3. You should choose the link called “Buttons” or “Get a button”;
  4. 4. You will see that the designers created several variants. You should choose the most appropriate one for your Magento;
  5. 5. As soon as you click on the button, the window with the code appears. You should copy this code completely you can use “Select All” or Ctrl+A).


The button installation on the site

You should log into the Magento admin panel, go to the CMS section or Magento eCommerce platform and see the Static Blocks panel. You should find “Links in the bottom store panel” there. There can be the blocks called “About a company” or “Customer support”. You should enter the tag <li> under them (or over them) and then insert the code copied in Twitter. You should close the tag after this. You should save the file and go to the main page and update.

You will see Magento Twitter extension at the bottom after these actions. You can contact GoMage experts if you can’t install this extension by yourself.