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Magento theme installation

Magento is one of the most functional and also the most difficult eCommerce platforms. We suggest to consider how to install and configure Magento theme. Also we will help you to get to know where you can buy it.

General information

Magento themes are developed by professional web developers. The themes meet all the requirements of the modern Internet technologies. It is necessary to disable the Magento store caching before the theme installation. To do it you should go to the admin panel on the path System -> Cache Management. You will see a dropdown window where you should disable the Cache function, save the configuration and go to the main page of the admin panel.

Depending on manufacturers there are free and commercial Magento themes. Their main difference is the functional. GoMage Magento themes are completely optimized for Search Engines and adjust perfectly to any display expansions. The configuration can be done on an intuitive interface of the Magento admin panel. Moreover, a slider is integrated in the theme template. Free Magento themes often need to be completely configured and developed for small Magento stores. They are not equipped with the function of a quick page loading and you need to optimize them manually.

Step by Step Theme Installation

To install the theme you need to go to System – Magento Connect - Magento Connect Manager. It is important to have permissions not only for reading catalogs, but for editing too. Otherwise, you will get a message about the error and will not be able to install a new template.

Then you should return back to the admin panel. To install the theme you should go to System -> Configuration. It is a configuration section. You should choose the catalog of the installed theme there. Then you should remove the data in such sections of this heading as Default, Layout, Skin and Templates and save the changes. Then you should add a product and launch the system work.

If you need to re-install the theme, we advise you to do the full backup and remove all the tables from the hosting panel and the administrator’s panel. Then you should do the actions as we have already described above and repeat the full installation. If you try to upload the theme that has been already installed earlier in the admin panel, Magento will inform you about the error.

If you have any problems connected with the Magento theme configuration or installation, leave your questions on our GoMage forum or comment the article. GoMage magento experts will answer your questions as soon as possible.