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Magento tax rules creation

Magento tax rules creation

The stores offering products wholesale need to provide their customers with beneficial partnership conditions, and sales tax rules can be very useful here. Let us review Magento Creation Tax Rules. Also we should mention that you can extend these tax rules with some third party Magento extension.

Step-by-step instruction

In order to remove a sales tax in Magento, make the following steps:

  1. 1. Go to the admin panel;
  2. 2. Choose Sales → Tax → Customer Tax Classes;
  3. 3. If you did not have a separate tax class for wholesale customers, click ‘Add new’;
  4. 4. A new page will open where you need to fill two sections. One of them is ‘Class Name’, you may call it ‘Wholesale’;
  5. 5. Save the changes by clicking ‘Save Class’. Then you will be redirected to ‘Customer Tax Classes’ section where you can configure the information for your new tax class;
  6. 6. Then go to Sales → Tax → Manage Tax Zones and Rates;
  7. 7. Click Add New Tax Rate. You will be redirected to the New Tax Rate page;
  8. 8. Enter a name in ‘Tax Identifier’ field, it will describe the specified rules afterwards. For example, you may set the following name for the USA citizens ‘wholesale-no-tax-United-States’;
  9. 9. Now move to ‘Country’ section, enter a name of a country or a region where this rule will be applied. For now, you can only create one rule for one specific country. If you have a large list of wholesale customers you will need to create a separate rule for each of them;
  10. 10. Put a star ‘*’ into the field ‘State and Zip/Post Code’;
  11. 11. Put zero into the field ‘Rate’;
  12. 12. Save the changes – ‘Save Rate’;
  13. 13. Go to Sales → Tax → Manage Tax Rules;
  14. 14. Click Add New Tax Rule, you will be redirected to ‘New Rule’;
  15. 15. Enter a rule name into the field ‘Name’. This name will not be visible to customers, this option only serves for a more convenient administration of the store. The description should be full, e.g. ‘Wholesale Customer No Sales Tax’;
  16. 16. In the field ‘Customer Tax Class’ choose ‘Wholesale’;
  17. 17. Fill the info for ‘Product Tax Class’, you need to choose all product categories available for wholesale purchase;
  18. 18. Go back to ‘Tax Rate’ section, find the rate you have just created, it was ‘wholesale-no-tax-United-States’;
  19. 19. Enter ‘1’ into the fields Priority and Sort Order;
  20. 20. Save the changes and you are redirected to ‘Manage Tax Rules’ section.


If you experience any issues with Magento Creation Tax Rules, please use the help of GoMage magento experts, they will assist you as soon as possible. You may contact them through our forum or by leaving a comment to this article.