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Magento simple setting commodities

The main peculiarity of a web store built on Magento is specific creation of product items. So, please pay attention to it while you are doing Magento development. Let us review the process of setting simple products of Magento and some useful advice regarding their configuration.

General settings

  • Name – this field should contain a product name in a way you would like it to look on the front end;
  • Description – this is a description of a product item. It will be visible on the main product page;
  • Short Description – short description is a feature of a certain product design. It will be visible at the top of a product page, in category lists and in product reviews on category pages;
  • SKU - stock-keeping unit for a specific product item. Magento uses SKU as a unique product identifier for all stores within one admin panel, so if that code changes, it will be changed in all stores where this product is present;
  • Weight – product weight, it is usually needed to count the shipping cost for a product;
  • Set Product as New from Date – here you need to enter the time interval that will determine for how long the product will be displayed as new;
  • Status – this option may be enabled or disabled, when it is enabled it will be visible in the admin panel;
  • URL – here a custom product link should be entered. This option is convenient if you do not have a special extension that converts default URLs into understandable and user-friendly ones. This is very useful for the search engine optimization, increasing the volume of visits and rating on your site;
  • Visibility – here you can select whether this product will be visible in general catalog, category pages or in search results. You may choose two variants at once, or do not use this option at all. This option may be used to hide some products from customers, especially if they are tied to configurable or grouped products.



  • Price – by default this is a product price that will be visible for a customer. If there is a special or a sale price, then this option will be a primary price;
  • Special Price – you have a possibility to enter a special price for certain products. On the front end, it will be displayed under the usual price which will be strikeout, this attracts users’ attention to the special price and increases their interest. Special price is usually written in red;
  • Special Price from Date – here you can enter the dates for the period of time when your special price will be applied. This option is very convenient for automatic store configuration, you do not need to control the process or change prices manually, the system will update all values automatically when the special price time is over;
  • Cost – this field may be left empty as it is only used for management purposes in the admin panel;
  • Tax Class – here the product tax class is set. By default, this option determines to which tax classes the product is assigned and how the price will change;
  • Tier Price – multi-level price.


If you need additional assistance regarding setting simple products of Magento, please leave a comment to this article or visit our forum and GoMage magento experts will do their best to assist you as soon as possible.