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Magento products

Magento products

The store owners running their stores on Magento platform often confuse the product variations and their purpose. Let us review what Magento products are and what types they have.

General information

There are following product types in Magento:

  1. 1. Simple products;
  2. 2. Configurable products;
  3. 3. Bundle products;
  4. 4. Grouped products;
  5. 5. Digital products.


Now let us review in details why there are so many product types.

Simple products are a standard product type, it is all intuitively clear about them.

Grouped products are groups of simple products which are combined by some specific principle.

Configurable products are a more complicated type. They allow the users to choose necessary options of a product. They can be searched using specific filters. The configuration may be done for almost any kind of product: apparel, technical products, foods, etc.

Grouped products are often confused with bundle products. A bundle product is a product which consists of other products. For example, a computer consists of a system board, coolers, a hard disc drive, etc., this system cannot belong to apparel, toys or food, but a computer, loudspeakers and a monitor are the grouped product, because these products are different and united by a common principle.

There are many Magento modules which work with these kinds of products in the eCommerce sphere.

Upsell, cross-sell and related products

These Magento products have a very complicated recognition system, as well. For example, these products may belong to simple products but they have a complex system of choice.

Upsell products are meant to attract customers’ attention. Let’s say you offer a camera which is exactly what a customer needs, but your purpose as a seller is to earn more money, so you would like to sell a more expensive product. This is what Upsells serve for. This would be a more expensive product from the group chosen by a customer with the help of filtering.

Why are Upsell products beneficial? You can use them in order to realize more expensive products. As to the investigations, the majority of the people consider that more expensive the thing costs, better quality it has. Relatively, if a customer looks at the more expensive analogue of the chosen product, he will come to a conclusion that this analogue is more qualitative and durable.

Related product is a simple product which a customer can buy together with the product they have chosen. For instance, a customer wants to buy a laptop, so it would be logical to offer them such related products as a computer mouse, monitor cleaning napkins, a memory card, maybe a web-camera, etc.

Related products are the products which actually a customer needs, thus their sales are at the top level. This one of the marketing strategy, to be more specific, if you need to raise the sales of a certain product, you need to analyze with what product it can be bundled. As it is desired commodity items, a customer buys them 80% on purchases even if he has not planned it.

Cross-sell products may be compared to the candies at the pay desk in a shop. They are often located on the shopping cart page, those are products a customer was not looking for, but they are psychologically prepared to buy them, and about 40% of customers do. In order to simplify usage of cross-sells we recommend to install GoMage Magento ProCart extension. It will allow your customers not only to control their shopping process but also remove unnecessary items from the shopping cart.

According to statistics data, the most effective are related products because they are not imposed on customers with the help of hidden marketing methods, they are simply offered as a necessary addition to a chosen product. For the apparel stores cross-sell products – ‘impulse purchases’ – may be more effective, but generally you need to consider not only the store peculiarities but the target audience as well.

If you have any difficulties you may request the help of GoMage magento experts by leaving a comment to this article or visiting our forum