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Magento optimization

Magento optimization

Any website is created for people. Well developed sites are faster indexed, higher rated and more popular among the site visitors. Let us review how to perform Magento optimization, the main points.

General information

Standard Magento edition provides a lot of options and possibilities used to optimize a store for the search engines. The most important thing is understandable URLs which are also called ‘friendly’. What is this? When you access a web store page you see its address in the browser address bar, by default it will show something like this:

However, a visitor would be more pleased to see something like:

Also, search engine robots will process such kind of URLs and add them to their database sooner.

Besides, Magento platform uses different meta-tags for the store optimization. Many other CMS would require you to install a special extension for that or write a script, but Magento allows you to easily specify all necessary meta-tags for separate product items or the whole site. Other SEO options may be used when corresponding extensions are installed.

You can also use special Magento extensions for these purposes such as GoMage SEO Booster to improve your site for Search Engine Optimization.

System configuration

You should pay special attention to your Magento store system configuration, specifically payment settings and product names. The product names are most important as they are checked and read by the robots during the search process. This will make your products to be found faster which will positively affect your store’s significance. There is another simple way to increase your ratings – do not make headers longer than 70 symbols. Also you need to specify the key phrase in each header, but make sure that product names are not repeated.

Update your store regularly, improve its quality and content. For instance, if you did not use such words as ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ in the products description, you may add them now. This will call potential customers to action on a subconscious level, and also help the search engines to find your products. Do not forget to describe the page using keywords and meta-tags.

You may use special services for generating keywords, such as Google Adwords. Despite the popular opinion of SEO specialists, filling the keywords manually has often no sense. Make sure that your robots.txt file is configured properly, as some tags may be disabled for indexing there.

Provide as much detail as possible about the product purpose or function, its characteristics. When a customer accesses a product page, they first look at the pictures and then read the description. Professional promo specialists say that the description text must be short and precise. So, try to put all information into a few sentences.

In order to configure meta information go to the admin panel, then to Catalog - Manage Products, choose the product to edit. On the page that opens you will see Meta Information where you need to enter all necessary tags and suffixes, if needed.

Configuration of images plays a very important role in Magento optimization. You need to not only specify their names, but also alt addresses and other parameters that the system may require. Also, when you save an image, save it ‘as a web’, this will help to make the page load faster even if a customer uses a mobile device or slow internet connection.

If you have any questions or would like to add some information, please leave a comment to this article or visit our forum, and GoMage magento experts will assist you as soon as possible.