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Magento Feed File Manager

Magento Feed File Manager

Looking for a product on the internet people first of all wish to save some money. For this, they actively research the web markets to find the necessary product at the most appropriate price. Let us review how to place your product onto web markets, configure Google Shopping, and what benefits this can provide.

Uploading a product to Google

Google is rightfully considered the most popular searching engine in the world, and almost 60% of the internet users in all countries use it to look for interesting products. If You need to increase sales or make a promotion we recommend using Google Shopping system. You can also use some third party Magento extension to do it.

Step-by-step instruction of uploading a product into Google Shopping:

  1. 1. Register or authorize in the system. Read and accept the license agreement and move to the store description section. All information entered here (except for the geographical location) can be changed in the store settings afterwards;
  2. 2. Locate the menu item ‘More’ and under it the item ‘Even more’;
  3. 3. Then click on ‘Business solutions’ and You will get into the product addition menu;
  4. 4. Go to the products management section and choose “Active products”;
  5. 5. Add a product using a corresponding option and save it (after all necessary characteristics have been filled);
  6. 6. Click ‘Next’ to move to the data editing page. Here specify the product name, add some other details. There are a lot of fields that should be filled according to the requirements: price, brand, SKU, quantity, condition and product type. Save the setting and move to the next menu;
  7. 7. Description can be copied from Magento eCommerce platform;
  8. 8. Now we can review our creation;
  9. 9. If everything is correct we can enable it. Now we see the first (or new) product in the list of active items.

Why is this convenient? The product indexing is processed faster and due to this You surpass your competitors. The audience becomes more extended (if You develop an efficient promotional campaign using search and context advertisement, You can increase the target audience and, therefore, orders’ quantity by more than 30-40%). But, as You would agree, this is time-consuming and not very convenient. In that case You will need to regularly update not only your store but the Google database we well. Is there another way to solve this problem?

GoMage company offers the Magento FeedPro extension which is able to perform all those functions automatically. The extension should be configured to work with certain shopping systems and search engines, and after that, it will automatically update Your product feeds and upload them to the web markets. Thus, You will be able to place Your product feeds on three and more shopping systems simultaneously.

Google Shopping is a good solution for the wide usage products, for example, foodstuffs or hygienic means. But if You sell some specifically aimed products, such as circuit cards, then You absolutely need to use the GoMage Feed Pro extension as a way to broaden your client base and profit.

We offer product feeds uploading to such world-wide known markets as Google, eBay, Amazon. Our specialists will answer any questions related to the installation or configuration of the extension. We also advise You to visit the Magento forum where You can find clients’ reviews about our extensions functionality and share Your opinion.