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Magento CE 1.9 upgrade

Magento CE 1.9 upgrade

Magento company has released a new upgrade called Magento CE recently. Let us review the upgrade data and examine what errors were fixed and what functions were improved.

Basic Aspects

One of the most important updates from the point of view of search engine optimization is HTTPS protocol which is used by a company instead of FTP which is less protected from the external influences. It is a very important thing because Google has declared recently that the sites index with FTP will be significantly decreased and the positions of such online stores will be getting worse.

Zend Framework was updated to the version 1.12.3 in PHP. It will make the developers’ tasks easier.

The most curious moment was that the administration declared that there would be an auto translation for the similar components of the site. In other words, it will be much easier for the webmasters to install the packages with the translations.

The next thing is that developers can create Magento extensions with a name and a dash in it. It used to need to solve many issues and re-develop the coding in order to install such an extension.

You will be able to control the administrators’ actions completely with a new upgrade. Now the online store owners have the opportunity to close the access to the system files of the sites for managers.

There is the theme with the responsive design installed in Magento CE 1.9 by default, but if it is necessary you can upload GoMage Magento template with the desirable functions and view. It is very comfortable because there are not any limitations in the development of a unique online store. Additionally, we are glad to inform you that the patch is already integrated in the extension for mobile devices.

There are no problems for modern smartphones and tablets to open pages in the Internet. But if your Magento store is not optimized for the work on mobile devices, it will make some troubles for a potential customer. According to the declarations of the developers who create the extensions, the site will react faster on a mobile device and it will improve its potential in the search optimization and increase the income from the contextual advertisement.

What opportunities Magento CE 1.9 has:

  1. 1. The configuration of the price policy. Because Magento supports the EU and vendors who work in this trade area, you can control the price-list formation of a product depending on the region from which a visitor goes to the store. In order to launch this function, you need to go to the admin panel: System – Configuration. Then you should go to SALES, Tax and Calculation Settings. You should enable «Enable Cross Border Trade» function on the page.
  2. 2. The order functions have been improved. Now customers have a unique service to postpone the payment with the function called «Bill Me Later» in the Magento store.
  3. 3. PayPal was improved. Also the store owners should remember that customers can’t change the currency now if PayPal Website Payments Standard is enabled.
  4. 4. We would like to say some words about the security. With the development of the Internet industry there are not only competitors, but enviers in the World Wide Web. Magento has done everything possible in order to protect its customers. For example, the files with the .swf expansion are removed completely from the site distribution. The security of the system files and gallery has been improved significantly. Moreover, now you can protect your site from the cross attacks from the infected resources.


The new version has been already released by Magento and you can download the installation file on the official Magento site. Please remember the features to install updates and do not forget to create the backup of your online store before doing the work.