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Magento Cart Outlook

Magento Cart Outlook

Cart is one of the mainest things in any online store. The development of this department of the site demands much efforts and investments because a customer will make a purchase or stay a potential customer based on his experience from the shopping cart. Let us review some practical recommendations how to improve Magento Cart Outlook.

Some Advices for Cart

1. Precise thumbnail image of commodity items. It is very important for any customer, otherwise the cart will look like a bit empty without attractiveness. This mistake takes place in many well-known online stores. Also there is a strong possibility that impulsive purchases will work out with this design (if you are using such a technology of the sales increasing). This issue can be solved fast and easily.

2. It is necessary to enable the links to a product and its price in order to give the opportunity to make a final decision without a difficult search on the site.

3. Enable the cross sales because it will be really helpful when the necessary product is out of stock and it is searched by a potential customer. Also you should specify whether the products are in stock or at the office in the shopping cart. This technology is often used by the Chinese online apparel stores.

4. You should use the graphics at maximum for attracting attention to certain cart areas as a variant to give a customer the opportunity to remove or change the order parameters. Please pay your strong attention to the images; it should not be neither big, not bright. It can make customers annoying. Also a color scheme has an important role. Preference is given to a living, rich, but not acidic colors. One of the important moments is that the buttons for the parameters changes of the order should be placed close to the thumbnail.

5. It is necessary to use calls to action, but without fanaticism. For example, do not use “Urgently Buy”, but use “Buy Now”, “Place Order” and so on.

6. Many marketers argue among themselves about where the order button should be placed. For example, someone says that it should be under the order; someone says that it should be aside. We recommend you to create a floating window which will be lowered following the movements of the client mouse. It is important to make this descent smooth and easy, with no sudden movements.

7. The cart design can increase customers’ trust to your Magento site. You need to place the mentions about consumer protection, security logo and other signs that your store is a responsible company. The main thing is that you should not overdo it.

8. Create the opportunity to use coupons in this department. We should pay your attention to the fact that you need to create a separate window, but your own coupons should be used, not the deals with the companies. The coupon numbers can be placed directly on the site. It is a good way to increase the sales. It can be placed in the distribution. IT is a perfect decision to attract new customers. It can be used to make new deals in order to attract new partners and so on.

9. Check out how in the pricing is created in the cart. More than 90% of customers wait to see the full price including taxes and shipping after placing an order. It saves customers’ budget and time. It is necessary to add this function to the department.

10. Work with live chat, but please do not forget that it should be active at any time of the working day, otherwise it loses sense.

11. At the very end of the design we advise you to create small bait: when a customer needs only to click on the Place Order button, remind him of free shipping which starts from a certain amount or that he will get 5% discount if he has a certain amount.

Also you might be interested in Magento Extensions which make different processes on your Magento store easier.

Periodically check the availability of all these functions and also look through the competitors’ sites and compare your site with theirs. If you want to improve Magento Cart Outlook professionally, you can use our GoMage service.