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Magento 2 – coming soon

Magento 2 – coming soon

Web marketing manager Owen Radford who is specialized in Magento and Wordpress sites has recently announced soon release of Magento 2. Besides, he has announced a preliminary plan of beta-versions launch.

According to Owen Radford, the first rumors about a new engine were heard back in 2010 and this topic was discussed during 2011, but the development was moving forward slowly. At last, it is time to present Magento 2 to the system users. This is going to happen in the end of 2015. This December, Magento development team began testing of the beta-version.

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The following stages are still to be performed:

  • Q1 – testing of the candidate release by the developers for the end users;
  • Q3 – presentation of beta-version to the end users;
  • Q4 – launch of complete new engine version and mass release.

What’s new should the users expect from Magento 2? It will include update of the technological possibilities, optimization and simplification of installation, configuration and update processes, simplification of Magento integration, higher capabilities and scalability.

“Now we work with the up-to-date technologies only: HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. One of mischievous commentators called creation of new Magento 2 ‘no more that its rewrite on JQuery’, however this is absolutely not true. In any case, the efforts taken to update and optimize the system are also very important”, Owen says.

Closer to the release date the other changes and new features will be announced. The developers indicate that it will be difficult for Magento 2 to compete with well-known and long used Magento 1.x, but they still hope for success.

Switching to Magento 2 will be done gradually. The new version is not yet available for mass usage. First, the developers plan to implement it through the upgrade process from the older versions, but the possibility of backup will be preserved.

As soon as any new information about Magento 2 is available, you will see it in our blog. Watch our updates and do not forget to share them with your friends!