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How to Setup a Favicon

How to setup a Favicon

The frontend view of your website is one of the basic factors which determine the level of sales. The site should not only be convenient, functional and intuitively clear, it should also look attractive. One of the important details is setting up a favicon. Today we will review how to configure a favicon regardless of which theme for Magento ® is used.

Favicon is an image which is displayed on the site tab in a browser. Traditionally, the image size is 16x16 px of ICO format.

There are a lot of resources for creation of favicons. One of the most popular is Following the instructions on the site you can create a unique image that will best match your site topic. After that, you need to download the "favicon.ico" file and upload it to your server. It should be located in skin/frontend/default/your_theme folder where your_theme is the actual theme ID.

In order to see the changes on the site it is necessary to flush Magento ® cache and clean the cache in browser, then check the site.

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