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How to make customers buy nothing

How to make customers buy nothing

Profit is the ultimate purpose of any online store owner. We now offer you to get acquainted with a list of harmful pieces of advice how to make your customers buy nothing.

What customers need

Many online store owners think that if a customer needs something they will buy it regardless of a product description or a store design. This is absolutely wrong. And the matter is not even that a person may not like cheap design or too many bright elements on a page, it is that many various fonts, colors, glimmering or animation effects hinder users’ perception of the content.

Pay attention to the fact that popular online stores do not have any redundant elements but they are convenient, easy-to-use and beautiful. If you do not have good programming skills you will hardly be able to create an ideal template for your site free of charge. But you can buy the most appropriate of Gomage Magento themes and then create a unique style for your site.

There is another way to scare customers away from your site – create a complicated menu structure. Let a customer try and find whatever they need. Remove all useful links from the top menu. It would be great if different categories and blocks are located in random places on your site. A counter-advice: everything must be clear on your store. Any customer should be able to find what they need regardless of their computer skills level.

Do you know what a context and teaser advertisement is? You can use these types of advertisements to make some profit on your site that would not depend on your sales! Put as many various ads blocks of all kinds and sizes as possible on your site. A great variant would be to have a pop-up window that cannot be removed on a mobile version of your site. Let all customers be of use without even buying something. This will give you an additional profit of at least $50-100.

How to reduce sales

In order to reduce your sales to a disastrous level you need to follow the points below:

1. Increase product prices. Why would you try to match your competitors on the market? It is better to gain maximum profit at once. Increase your prices regardless of the season and demand;

2. Make the ordering process more complicated. Let a potential customer enter all their data during checkout, beginning with the last name and ending with their fax number and passport ID;

3. It is a good idea to make the process of payment more complicated, too. Enable only one payment system which is most convenient for you. Why would you put so many different links or modules on your site?

4. Publish your products without description. Or copy them from other sites and place on yours. So, you can save some money as you will not need to hire a content manager;

5. Do not offer discounts, holiday sales or any other interesting propositions.

Beside that pay less attention to product images. Do not even think of buying any GoMage extensions for improving image quality or their display. You can use one of the two ways: either do not upload any pictures at all or take your own photos of the products. You do not need any image quality compensation or watermarks – they are not so important.

Also, you must ignore customers. Do not place your contact address on the site and do not create a support service. This is a waste of money and time, let your customers handle their problems by themselves. But, if you already have that service, you can simply ignore customers’ questions, delay your response or be rude. There are a lot of possible ways.

Of course, all of these are ironical comments based on observations of beginning businessmen, but still, you should keep them in mind as an example of how an online store should NOT be managed. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Magento experts.