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Magento Ecommerce Themes: Replacing An Existing One

How to install a new theme over an existing one

Frequently, online store owners wish to optimize and refresh the view and layout of their stores. This usually requires an installation of a new theme for Magento ®. In order to simplify this process, you can install a new template without removing the previous one.

In order to do this, it is necessary to upload the folder “app”, “skin” and “media” of the new template into your active Magento ® directory. As soon as the folders are present on the server, go to System > Design and choose default folder.

Then, select your recently uploaded theme on the server. Go to CMS > Pages > Home page > Content in the newly installed template. In this section, you will find the code which needs to be copied into the same place of the working template.

The same actions need to be done in the “Design” section. It is necessary to copy the corresponding XML content into the working template of Magento ®.

It is important that “Layout” settings of the old and new templates should be identical. The last step would be going to CMS > Static blocks and replacing the code of each block with the code of the new theme. However, this should not be done for block “Footer links”.

After the settings are saved the changes will be applied on the site. If this does not happen at once, flush the cache and try again.