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How to increase PR for Magento store

How to increase PR for Magento store

Search engines have invented the algorithms which they use to determine significance and uniqueness of each web site. Google network uses PageRank parameter with that purpose. Let us review how to increase a Magento web store PR, what we need to know about this parameter and why it is necessary.

General information about PR

First of all, PR is an indicator of web store owner’s activity, the amount of visitors and the level of trust from the search engines. If you add products and articles regularly, people visit your store and buy something, leave their comments and feedback, share the information about the products and your store in social networks, then Google will definitely reward you.

Another interesting factor is a price per click for context advertisement. If PR is high then the click price for commercial topic may cost up to $10. Of course, quite rare store owners place ad blocks on their store pages, but this is also very interesting.

Page Rank may vary from 1 to 9, the higher this value is the more search engine trusts your store. This is extremely important in the matter of competition, since many store admins write product descriptions that contain frequently searched key words.

How to raise PR

There are a lot of techniques used by the store administrators to increase their PR value. Many store owners may simply get PR at the beginning of their optimization process, e.g. Google likes sites with fine readable URLs and beautiful design. It is considered that the amount of coding errors does not affect PR but it is strongly recommended to check everything before your site is published. The fewer bugs there are, the better.

There are 6 main methods that help raising Page Rank value. They are below:

1. Content. You should regularly publish new articles, product descriptions, feedbacks. They must be unique and well optimized, containing key words, but at the same time make customers think.

2. Content optimization. In order to spread the information about your store among as many people as possible you need to share your store URLs on forums, chats, social networks. Do it softly to avoid the information be considered as advertisement, otherwise you will be banned on forums or someone may file a complaint to the search engine support.

3. Buy links. The most important and treacherous point. In the opinion of Google, if the information on your site is interesting, then the search engines will direct users to it. Buy links to your store from ‘higher’ sites with PR value no less than 5. You will need at list 10 of them, but the links should be thematic, not clearly advertising and should lead to different pages. Pay attention to the fact that you do not need to buy 10 links at once, do everything gradually.

4. Place articles in blogs. There are currently a lot of free blog services that will gladly help you not only to create your own blog but also to place your articles there almost for free. Therefore, search engine robots will index the site faster that, in turn, will play the key role in the site optimization.

5. Buy permanent links. There should be a lot of them, you will need no less than 30 links in order to get one level up in your Page Rank. Permanent links must also be bought from sites with PR equal or more than 5, which are well-indexed, frequently visited and alive.

6. Add your web store to DMOZ. Placing the site in catalogs is a great way to get several dozens of good links, so find some time to do that work. Not all stores are accepted to DMOZ, a web store should be very well optimized, easy to navigate and fast loading in order to get there. Create a contact page with all necessary data.

7. Improve your store. The Magento extensions developed by GoMage will help you to make the page loading faster, configure the functionality of slider and shopping cart, increase customers’ trust to your store. Remember that the more visitors, sales and likes you get – the higher your PR is.

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Remember to thoroughly analyze your Magento site before starting to raise PR, because some broken links or incorrect categories may cause losing most of your links and, thus, PR points in future.