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How to create the history with Magento images

How to create the history with Magento images

Images play a huge role for any online store and we mean not only their quality, but also the quantity. Let us review how to create the history with Magento images and for what purpose we should do it.

Why we need to create the history

If you can attract the customers’ attention with photo story, then the minimum thing that it can do is to get interest to the product and the maximum benefit of it will be the purchase of this product or some kind of advice to buy it in the sphere of the customers’ friends. So, for this purpose we need to use a photographic instructions guide to Magento products.

Attracting customers’ attention is one of the components of the half success in Magento store. Of course, you can use several images for replacing or adding the detailed product description, but the history is more effective. A small story how to apply this or that product, tool, cosmetic product will help to move a potential buyer to the positive choice.

Also it is almost unchangeable thing if you sell extraordinary things or decorative cosmetics. For example, it is a non-standard charger for your phone or any innovative cosmetic product.

Check Magento Extensions if you are interested in improving the usability of your Magento store.

How to tell the product history

If you want to tell the history in your Magento store, you need to do the following steps:

1. Develop several images which will be the base for your story. The important thing is their quality. Please do not use blurred or gloomy pictures. It will decrease the trust to the Magento store.

2. After this you should upload the zipped web images to Magento.

3. Then you should choose the order how the images should be displayed.

4. You need to write separate the headers for each of the images. It would be better to write the short descriptions.

Some tips for creating images

Every time when you create the next image, you need to show the part of your product. It will help a customer to make a positive choice. It will be better if these images will display a person. Subconsciously, it creates a sense of confidence.

You should pay the sharp attention to the process when the object is in action. In other words, when your product is used and applied to something. In order to get the benefit, you should shoot the whole process with a good camera with a high resolution.

When you upload the images to Magento, check whether they have a high resolution and if a customer increases them, they will not have any streaks and pixels.

These images can have a big size because they will be displayed on the product page. You should make their size be 265 x 265 pixels as minimum. If the images are big, a customer will be able to increase them and scroll.

In order to upload the image in your Magento store, you need to go to the admin panel. After this you should open Catalog - Manage Products. You will see all your commodity positions on the opened page. Find the product you want to change and click on the Edit button. You will be transferred to the Product Information page. You need to find the General section. There is the Images tab. Please click on it and choose Browse Images option. The window will be shown where you can choose the necessary images. When you choose all the images, click on the Open button. After all the images are uploaded, you need to click on the Upload Files button.

So, the images’ uploading is finished. You need only to make their order.

Find the Sort Order column and enter a number which will be responsible for the sorting order of the images. When everything is changed, please save the editions. Please do not forget to create a separate header for each image, the text which will tell customers what is displayed on the image. To configure it you need to write the appropriate sentence in the Label line. Please save the changes again.

Everything is quite easy. Now your potential customers will see thumbnails and click on the images to see them. After looking through every image you can click on Next and go to the next image.

If you can’t configure the history with Magento images, you can contact GoMage specialists and they do it for you.