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How to create a poll in Magento

How to create a poll in Magento

Each web store owner should take into account their customers’ opinion. In order to always be aware of things that need to be changed or improved in the store it is good to use various polls for registered users. Let us review how to create a poll in Magento and why it is necessary.

Why do we need polls?

Did you ever answer different questions on some sites, like ‘What our site is missing?’ or ‘What would you change in the store? If your answer is ‘No’ – congratulations, you are one of 20% users who are not interested in such marketing moves. But there are 80% of users who always vote in such polls. The result itself is not so important for them as the fact that they may change something globally.

You may also create interesting and funny polls, prize voting, various riddles or quizzes. Many famous marketers advise to pay special attention to all customers and each of them separately, since people are more interested to answer questions about things they know, like the process of product choice and ordering, but not about the store functionality.

So, you as a store owner will achieve several purposes at once:

1. Show your customers that their opinion is important to you. Customers will be pleased to know that;

2. Improve the work of your site;

3. Add the options which are important and necessary in your store, in customers’ opinion;

4. If you create a funny poll or a quiz you will lift users’ spirits and improve your own karma.

Many well-known Magento online stores already use this technology and it positively affects their business.

How to create a poll

Creation of a poll in Magento is quite easy, but if anything goes wrong on your side, you are welcome to contact GoMage specialists and ask for their assistance. In order to start the work, go to the admin panel, then to CMS section:

1. Locate the section called ‘Poll Manager’;

2. Choose Add New Poll, then a new page will open where you can configure the polls;

3. Thanks to intuitive Magento interface you will quickly configure the necessary settings. In ‘Poll Question’ field write the topic of your voting or the question you want to ask;

4. Now we need to determine the status of the poll. By default, there are an open and a closed kinds of polls. One of the variants will allow customers see the results of their vote immediately, and the other one will only give you access to the results. Make your choice and set the necessary Status;

5. Now we work with the field ‘Poll Answers’. Here, you need to write the answers to your question or voting from which your customers will choose their answer. You will need to fill in two fields - Answer Title (answers) and Votes Count (the numbers of votes). You may ask why we need to know the quantity if it clear that a question needs to be answered. The matter is that people are always interested to see the number of votes, they do not usually wish to be the first who answers the question. So, put a number that will show the quantity of users who already answered the question. After a customer chooses their answer and votes, their vote will be added to the number you set there;

6. After all changes are made, save the poll and monitor how it works.

We advise you to regularly change the polls and encourage customers to vote. For instance, Tuesday could be a day of technical questions and Friday – a day of prize quizzes. This is an interesting feature that will help you attract more customers to your store and also learn more about your existing customers.