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GoMage FeedPro

GoMage FeedPro is designed to generate Magento product feeds and export them to the shopping engines like Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, etc. The feeds contain Magento product catalogs with the values for all necessary attributes which are required by the shopping engines. Each shopping system usually has a template according to which the feed should be created. The template indicates the mandatory attributes each product should have in order to be accepted by the system (e.g. name, brand, size, color, product_ID, SKU, etc). If some of those attribute values are missing in the catalog the store admin must fill them in before exporting the feed, otherwise it will be rejected by the shopping system.

The feeds can be configured in CSV, TXT or XML format. The options of FeedPro extension allow the store admin to configure the feed file, that is, to create the list of attributes according to which the product information will be exported. The attributes should be mapped to the corresponding fields in the feed template provided by the shopping system (e.g. the field ‘brand’ usually contains the value of ‘manufacturer’ Magento attribute). There is no limit to the number of fields/attributes in the feed file, nor is there one for the number of feed files. Once an extension is installed the store admin can create as many feed files as they wish.

A very important feature of FeedPro extension is a possibility to apply various filtering options to organize the products in the feed. For example, if the store admin only wants to export the products which belong to a specific category, all they need to do is create the necessary filtering condition in the feed settings. Any attribute can be used to include or exclude products in the feed. File creation settings in the feed determine whether or not ‘disabled’ and ‘out of stock’ products need to be exported. The option ‘Visibility’ is also taken into account unless it is disabled. If the settings state that only products with ‘catalog, search’ visibility should be exported, then the products set as ‘not visible individually’ will not be included in the feed.

Another peculiarity of the extension is a possibility to create dynamic filters called ‘Dynamic attributes’. These filters are applied depending on specific conditions configured in the feed. The conditions are created according to ‘if – then’ pattern. For example, if the price is over $100 – then 10% discount is applied. Such filters are very convenient for setting up discounts or price rules.

As soon as the template configuration is complete the feed can be generated and then uploaded to the shopping engine server. The upload can be done manually through the corresponding Merchant center, or automatically by FTP/SFTP. FeedPro extension settings allow the store admin to setup the time interval for automatic feed generation and upload. It is recommended to schedule the feed generation procedure for the time when the site load is the least (e.g. at night). Successful completion of the feed generation depends on the server capabilities and load level at the time of generation, as well as on the amount of products that need to be exported.

GoMage company offers the service of feed configuration for additional cost. Their support team can configure the feeds for desired shopping engines ordered by the customer.