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GoMage Advanced Navigation Makes Online Shopping Easier

A common complaint many online shoppers have is that websites are too hard to navigate. They complain about getting lost in pop-ups, feeds and confusing pages that don’t tell them where to find the things they need. If this has been a complaint about your online store, you need GoMage Advanced Navigation 2.0 to help organize your site and make shopping enjoyable.

Some of the new features of this product include:

  • Menu bar options include default, plain (with image) or dropdown (new)
  • Use the most useful and popular navigation types (default [pro] or plain) for navigation categories (new)
  • Use folding type menus to show all hidden subcategories (new)
  • Add categories navigation on a static page (new)
  • Navigation is now available on the search page (new)
  • Use ajax filter only for selected attributes (new)
  • Use 2 or more sliders for attributes (Price type) (new)

GoMage Advanced Navigation speeds up your website so customers won’t have to wait for the entire page to refresh to keep up with their online shopping which makes this an ideal product for your web-based business.

Customers have rated this product five stars and have reported increased sales and customer satisfaction following the installation of the GoMage Advanced Navigation 2.0 at their site. Customers have also praised the support offered by GoMage in the installation and operation of this product. One customer states, “I am a new Magento user, so after buying the extension I had to contact GoMage customer service many times. And not all my questions as I discovered were related to the Magento extension. But every time I received very detailed replies. I have learned a lot from them. Customer support is very helpful and the extension is excellent. Thank you!” Another customer reports a positive experience by stating, “I work directly with the makers of this Magento module. It does exactly what it says it will do and does it well. Very reliable.”

Help your customers have a better shopping experience on your site by installing the GoMage Advanced Navigation 2.0 extension to your Magento store. Remember, by improving customer satisfaction, you are increasing sales allowing everyone to walk away happy.