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eCommerce calendar and inspiring ideas for 2017


Marketing campaigns constantly require different ideas for communication with potential clients. Various promotions can be coincided with certain holidays and significant dates. The calendar offered below includes important events for eCommerce and some tips on how you can diversify your activities in 2017.

28 January (Saturday)

Chinese New Year

The traditional Chinese calendar does not coincide with our usual calendar. It is a lunisolar calendar which calculates years, months and days according to astronomical phenomena. It's a good idea to prolong the New Year mood, create a funny communication and offer various promotional activities.
February 2 (Thursday)

Groundhog Day

Just be creative and you can come up with interesting ideas how the groundhog may help you sell more. For example, if the groundhog sees its shadow, the discounts will be 15% for the next 3 days, if no – 25%. This unusual communication attracts more attention of users than a standard message about discounts.
February 14 (Tuesday)

Saint Valentine's Day

On this day, all online stores are full of romantic symbols, hearts, cupid arrows and great deals for those who are in love. This approach will be used by all stores so it is very important to make your store stand out and create something unique.
February 20

President’s Day

Washington's Birthday or President’s Day is a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February. The day honors all presidents of the USA. It's not an entertaining holiday, but maybe you have some ideas of how to use this event in your marketing campaigns.
March 17 (Friday)

St. Patrick’s day

Shamrock, green colors, other attributes of this holiday may be present in your online store design. You can offer discounts on green T-shirt/clothes, umbrellas and various accessories. It's a great day to diversify everyday routine.
April 1 (Saturday)

Fools’ Day

It is a day of jokes and it should be included in your marketing plan. There are so many opportunities for interesting communications. But making jokes is not such an easy task as it seems. Humor is always appreciated and if you create something funny, it may become a viral marketing.
April 16


It is also called Pascha (Greek/Latin) or Resurrection Sunday. This day celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It is important to plan the relevant communication, gently consider the topic of faith and make all messages clear to all people, regardless of religious beliefs. For example, you can communicate that Easter is associated with spring - after Easter warm days always come - and provide your offer or discounts in this context.
May 14 (Sunday)

Mother’s Day

It is a great day to promote not only typical mother’s or women’s products. The life of modern mothers is very diverse. They use cars, play sports, or they can be business ladies so you can find a lot of ideas what to offer for this holiday.
June 18 (Sunday)

Father’s Day

This holiday is close to the Mother’s Day and it is possible to combine your marketing efforts. To search the perfect gift for Dad, people often first ask Google for the perfect gift. You can provide some gift ideas with a special discount code for all buyers how to make purchases on Mather’s Day, and maybe they will make one more purchase.
July 4 (Tuesday)

Independence Day of the United States

If you work on the USA market, there are no limits for creativity. You can offer discounts to the white, blue and red products, make communication such as “buy three, get the 4th product free” and so on.

Back to school

If you have relevant products, be sure to plan all promotions and all marketing campaigns in advance. August is the month of active sales in this segment.
October 31 (Tuesday)


On the one hand, everything is clear. Pumpkins, witches, scary monsters - all these elements will be present in the design of online stores. Halloween discounts are expected by consumers that is why it is very difficult to come up with something that will distinguish your online store different among others.
November 23

October 9 - in Canada



This day reminds that the high sales season is coming soon. In different countries, the date may vary.
November 24

Black Friday

This is a great day in e-commerce. How to prepare for the best, read our advice here.
November 27

Cyber Monday

This holiday is more for those who did not shop on Black Friday. As the saying goes, it is one more chance.
December Season discounts It is the hottest period in eCommerce. It is important to activate all available resources and plan it carefully in advance. August is an ideal time to start doing this.
December 25 (Monday)


December 31 (Sunday)

New Year’s Eve

Have a nice selling during the whole year!