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Basic enhancement of Magento performance

Basic enhancement of Magento performance

In the previous article we have discussed the possibilities of speeding up the process of filling Magento catalog by beginners. Now we will review the ways of basic acceleration of the system work in general.

The first thing experts recommend is enable cache. This can be done in System – Cache management on your backend. In order to optimize the site page loading time it is necessary to choose all cache types, set ‘Enable’ in Action and save the changes. Do not forget to refresh the cache after new themes or Gomage modules are installed.

The next step would be to enable compilation. Go to System – Tools – Compilation, launch the compilation process and click ‘Enable’. There is a point you should be aware of. In order to ensure correct system functionality it is necessary to disable compilation before a new extension is installed, and then enable it after the extension is installed and cache cleaned.

The third step is to enable Flat Catalog structure. It can be done in System – Configuration. In Catalog tab on the left choose ‘Catalog’ and set Use Flat Catalog Category to ‘Yes’. After that, save the changes and re-index Product Flat Data and Category Flat Data.

The last step recommended by Magento experts is combination of CSS and JavaScript files. This can be done in System – Configuration. In ‘Advanced’ tab choose ‘Developer’, go to ‘JavaScript Settings’, set Combine JavaScript files to ‘Yes’. Then go to CSS settings and set Combine CSS files to ‘Yes’.

As soon as all modifications are complete the site pages will start loading quicker and the system will react to users’ actions faster. In order to maintain good speed of the system performance, do not forget to make re-index and flush the cache regularly.