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  • 17 Magento Security Myths Exposed: What You Need To Know

    Magento Security Myths

    Keeping your Magento ® storefront secure requires a bit of attention on your part.  Fortunately, once many of these concepts are set up you will not need to revisit the tasks again if done correctly.  Not only will this keep you from Magento security issue concerns, but your client’s data will remain protected as a result ensuring everyone's peace of mind in the process.

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  • Personalized Wedding Gifts: How Magento Store Owners Compete

    Personalized Gifts Market

    Are you a Magento ® eCommerce store owner?

    Would you like to tap into a monthly stream of 80K new and returning visitors frequenting your shop?

    Have you considered entering the wedding gifts market with personalized product offerings?

    You should.

    Based on details available from AHREF’s you're about to find out exactly how and why.

    HOT TIP:  If you don’t happen to have an eCommerce store that currently offers a personalized gift solution we will solve that problem too, before closing.

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  • 5 Magento SEO Tips for 2018 to Increase Your Organic Ranking

    No matter if your e-Commerce store is just being launched or you’ve been in the game for a long time, most all Magento ® store owners have at least one thing in common.

    Or more precisely, Magento SEO (search engine optimization).

    HOT TIP:  SEO is the process of ranking web pages organically on Google’s search results.

    If your online store is to succeed being found in Google’s results is a “no-brainer.”  Unfortunately, with so many people saying so many things about how to rank on Google its hard to know who to believe.  That’s why we put together this 5-tip strategy guide for you to follow.

    Why should we care about your online eCommerce stores success?  What sets us apart from every other voice on the Web?

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  • Google Shopping Feed Optimization: How Your Store Gets Seen

    Google Shopping Feed OptimizationShopping.

    That used to be where people went to a brick and mortar business and found items that they would buy at a check stand.  Thanks to today’s digital technology everything has changed.  This is what leads companies like GoMage to create products like Free Pro which is all about optimizing your Google shopping feed.

    Sounds fancy, but what is it?

    That is what this article will focus on with a focus toward merchants.  Not just any merchants mind you, but ones that are online and using what is quickly becoming the most popular e-Commerce platform available.

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