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A Sneak Peak into GoMage’s Feed Pro Extension

A Sneak Peak into GoMage’s Feed Pro Extension

Businesses are always seeking solutions designed to streamline their operations. When it comes to growing a successful business, one of the most important concepts to master is marketing. Without consistent customers purchasing your products and services, your business won’t survive in the current competitive global marketplace. While physical retail locations offer benefits to many retailers, most turn to the online world for greater customer reach and lead generation.

Websites such as Google Base, Yahoo! Store, eBay and are among some of the most popular online platforms to list a company’s products and services for sale. While most businesses understand the importance of integrating into these online, search engine platforms, it can become challenging for some to manage information across multiple sites.

GoMage’s Feed Pro - Feed Manager for Magento offers a comprehensive solution for providing information about your products to search engine sale sites like these. Your products and services will be shown and information can be collected regarding click through rates, sales figures and page imprints, just to name a few. While the previous software version offered a number of benefits for businesses, the recent upgrade Magento module is a must have for any organization looking to raise their competitive bar.

Why Upgrade to GoMage’s Feed Pro Extension Version 2?

Why should your business upgrade to GoMage’s Feed Pro Extension Version 2? First, without the upgrade, organizations won’t be able to properly integrate their product offerings into the two most popular sites, Google Base and The Find. Magento’s releases no longer have featured for Google Base and The Find.

Beyond the obvious goal of maintaining product placement on both Google Base and The Find, there are a number of other reasons why businesses should invest into this software upgrade:

Maintain Google Base Compatibility - Google had a number of goals in mind when they announced these changes- their primary focus is/was to enhance the end-user’s online experience. Key changes that will impact businesses include the requirement to now include product availability, Google product category, image links, specific information when posting apparel products (size, color, gender and age group) as well as data accuracy when posting listings. None of Default Magento’s previous versions meet Google Base’s requirements for feeds nor comply with the new changes that Google made on 22nd September, 2011.

Compatibility with Other Online Stores - In addition to compatibility with Google Base, this new upgrade offers the ability to integrate into the following search engine platforms: Amazon, Yahoo! Store, eBay, Facebook, Price Grabber and more.

Compatibility Options - GoMage Feed Pro extension is compatible to Magento’s Community Edition: 1.3.x, 1.4.x.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x , Professional Edition: 1.9, 1.10 and Enterprise Edition: 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11.

Store Owner Support - GoMage team makes it their priority to stay on top of trends of interest to online store owners. Their modules will be upgraded from time to time as needed, in order to provide the best possible customer support and functionality to their end users.

In addition to these primary advantages to upgrading the software platform, Version 2 offers the following features:

  • Ability to import and export fields mapping into the server
  • Advanced product attributes
  • Ability to import and export dynamic attributes
  • Upload disabled products into the Feed file (optional)
  • Upload out of stock products into the Feed file (optional)
  • Upload categories and sub-categories

Building and maintaining an online retail presence are both critical for businesses of every kind. However, without a manageable process for uploading up-to-date information onto popular online shopping sites, this form of marketing can become unmanageable. While your current systems may be working smoothly, as with any business functionality, things modify, grow and change. This is the case with the requirements of several online retailers as a result of recent platform upgrades.

To ensure that your business stays current, upgrade your current software version to the new GoMage Feed Pro 2 today!