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A short review of Magento possibilities and advantages

A short review of Magento possibilities and advantages

Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms. Due to its wide possibilities it has been selected as an online store base by such well-known brands as Samsung, Lenovo, Olympus, Gucci, Skype and many others. Using the customization of Magento extensions, templates and blocks, this engine can satisfy the requirements of online stores of any scale. According to analysis, Magento has taken the first place among the most popular online store platforms in 2014.

In order to install Magento on your computer you will need any UNIX-compatible OS, Apache, MySQL version 4.1.20 or higher. You will also need to install Simplexml and email server Sendmail, DOM and Mhash.

Among general advantages we can distinguish multilanguage functionality, variable payment and shipping methods, a possibility to manage several stores with different level domains within the same admin panel, multiple currencies availability.

The administrative panel allows configuration of multi-level prices. The final price in the shopping cart may include the shipping price determined by the shipping company as well as extracted discount or percent. It is possible to apply coupons for specific products or product groups. The system has efficient marketing tools in-built. The administrator is able to access sales reports, top-sale products, clients’ carts and feedbacks. The site backend allows us set fixed Tax rates for specific countries, cities or postal codes. The store administrator can create additional users who can access the admin panel with limited rights, manage the content, automatically import and export the database of customers and products. One of undoubted advantages is availability of various ready themes and templates for online stores. There are corresponding templates for any business, be it a jewelry store or motor vehicles components.

On the frontend, Magento-based online stores have convenient and understandable interface, an option to subscribe to the store news, notifications about product arrivals or discounts. Magento stores also have an easy-to-use search system and the search can even be done by tags. Registered users can specify several shipping addresses. Store users can read product reviews and see the top-sale products for each category.

Magento platform is huge, so it would take a very long time to list all of its advantages. However, even this system is not deprived of some minuses which we will discuss in future. We must also mention that you can complete the base Magento package with additional plug-ins which will improve the store operation and broaden its functionality. If you have any questions or wish to learn more information, please feel free to contact our Magento development team.