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A few interesting facts about Magento

A few interesting facts about Magento

Magento is a very intriguing platform for web stores creation. Let us review a few interesting facts about Magento which you did not know, and also some popularity statistics of this platform.

Facts about Magento

Magento is considered to be the most dynamic web store creation system. It is hard to believe now but it was officially released in 2008. During the first few months the quantity of its customers grew to an almost fantastic number of several tens of thousands people. This was a unique event, a real breakthrough among the web store creation systems.

At the moment, the quantity of sites based on this system has passed over the number of 125,000 and the value keeps growing every month. A huge part in its increasing popularity was played by a specific advertisement, as the most famous web stores are developed on Magento, we mentioned them in this article.

Beside the sites we listed there, Magento customers also include Samsung (site, the official Ford site, Olympus cameras at The main reason of such popularity is open source code which can be edited by customers or Magento experts they can hire, and also the system flexibility. Possibilities to use multi-language sites and create several stores on the same database are huge advantages, as well.

It is also worth mentioning that Magento is known as the most secure system. Despite its open source, Magento is considered to be the most prepared to fight hackers’ attacks including DDoS-attacks. Even if you do not have any site administering skills you can perform all necessary settings to ensure absolute security of your web store data and your customers’ information.

Magento installation package is downloaded from the official site about 5000 times a day and, according to statistics, this number keeps growing. However, you may also see a link to a pirate copy on some forums which is extremely dangerous as it can contain viruses. You should be careful and do not use files of unknown origin.

There are a lot of various Magento modules which help you configure your store in the way you wish. Beside that some Magento extensions are used to extend the standard site functions and create new ones which is also very convenient. According to the latest data there are about 2000 extensions now.

It is considered to be quite difficult to choose correct hosting provider to work on Magento, but it is not exactly right. It would be better to say that it is difficult to choose a good hosting provider. Magento system has specific server requirements, so get ready to spend some time searching for a hosting with corresponding servers. Although, there are about 185 companies which currently offer their service in this sphere.

Unlike many other systems, Magento allows you create eCommerce templates by yourself. Naturally, this will require some programming skills but generally the process is not that difficult. Still, if you are not sure about your skills we highly recommend you to consult with GoMage specialists and you will have a guarantee that your site will work properly.

You cannot but agree that this is very impressive for a system that only began its extensive work 6 years ago. By the way, the world-side known company eBay won the auction where Magento was being sold by investing 22,5 million dollars into it.

Please share the most interesting facts about Magento that you know and add your comments on the facts we listed, we would like to know which of them have been most interesting to you.